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Mr Juvenal Nshimiyimana

Promoting health and combating malnutrition is the purpose why African Health Development Organization was established in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We believed that a healthy and well-nourished population is the basic foundation of achieving a sustainable socio-economic development of the country.

By promoting the nutritional well -being of the population, we contribute to a healthy society that can play an integral role in a vibrant community that actively engage in various livelihood programs and entrepreneurial activities that not only will help the families survive but as well as contribute to the sustainable development of each community and the country as a whole.

AHDO is working with various partners, collaborators and stakeholders to improve the conditions and the quality of life of the population within the framework of a Social and Sustainable Economic Development of the DRC.

In this institutional web profile, you will learn more about the purposes of AHDO, our vision and mission, , goals, and areas of interventions. Our strategic plan highlights our guiding principles and contributions towards helping our people live better lives. AHDO implements various initiatives and programs in the health and nutrition sector for a better DRC.

Dr. Juvenal Nshimiyimana
Country Director

AHDO Photo with the First Lady

Photo with the DRC First lady at a dinner gala.