2006 Treatment and Prevention Project in Ethiopia, East Africa.

Join us in our campaign to combat HIV/AIDS and STD through workshops, counseling, conferences, seminars, forums through which the various targeted population in rural areas of the country is sensitized, educated or trained in prevention techniques. We will be distributing condoms as well as medications to those infected, while educating local health care workers on how to treat and control the different viruses. 

This project has two phases.  The first one takes place from April – June 2006 and the second from October – December 2006. 

Expected changes to come about in people’s lives as a result of participating in our projects:

  • Actively promote change health risk behaviors of those at-risk
  • Decrease the spread of diseases
  • Decrease death due to illness
  • Outreach programs to decrease unintended pregnancies
  • Increase normal daily activities to those, who are infected and/or live with people, who are infected
  • Health care workers will have an increased knowledge about how to treat and control the different viruses.