About Us  
    AHDO  is an organization with a 501-C3 status and was founded in November 2004, to provide counseling using interactive examples & health services on sexual behavior, physical activity, nutrition, HIV/AIDS & STD, vaccine preventable diseases, social environment, and self-sufficiency to villagers/farmers in need.    
AHDO’s mission is to give hope and empowerment to disadvantaged people in Africa by providing an avenue for HIV/AIDS & STD prevention and treatment, while fighting poverty and starvation. AHDO was born as a result of a growing awareness that there is a lack of education, poor access to healthcare and drought in Africa. AHDO provides early intervention and education regarding life choices and their consequences by changing health risk behaviors of those at-risk as well as address and remedy issues involving HIV/AIDS & STD treatment by educating local physicians on how to treat and control the different viruses.  AHDO is also dedicated to help villagers/farmers achieve long-term improvements in their lives by using innovative techniques.